cool down / ˈkulˌdaʊn /


cool down2 个定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. a period of low-impact or slower exercise following a more intense workout to allow the body to gradually return to its normal physiological level.
v. 动词 verb

cool down

  1. to bring the body back to its normal physiological level after fast, vigorous exercise or activity by gradually slowing the pace of activity or by doing gentle exercises or stretches.

cool down 近义词

cool down

等同于 restrict

cool down

等同于 calm down

cool down

等同于 confine

cool down

等同于 curb

更多cool down例句

  1. Sticky from a week spent hiking and driving, I was eager to cap off the trip with a cooldown swim into the lake, so we sped off toward the park’s Cleetwood Cove Trail, the only legal access to its shore.
  2. The rapid cooldown, from a starting temperature of about –45° Celsius, suggests the water vapor released by the rocket not only provided the H2O to make ice crystals, but also actively cooled the air to trigger cloud formation.
  3. Soon we came face to face with a roaring, 100-foot cascade of whitewater pummeling the smooth slabs below, mist ricocheting onto my sweaty mug as a gentle cooldown after the long uphill jaunt.
  4. In a “mindful cooldown” to end my fitness fest, Jessica was warm and encouraging.