check / tʃɛk /


check6 个定义

v. 有主动词 verb
  1. to stop or arrest the motion of suddenly or forcibly: He checked the horse at the edge of the cliff.
  2. to restrain; hold in restraint or control: They built a high wall to check the tides.
  3. to cause a reduction, as in rate or intensity; diminish: The new measures checked the rapidity with which the epidemic was spreading.
v. 无主动词 verb
  1. to prove to be right; correspond accurately: The reprint checks with the original, item for item.
  2. to make an inquiry, investigation, etc., as for verification: He checked to make sure his answer was correct. Check into the matter.
  3. to make a sudden stop; pause: The horse checked before he jumped.
n. 名词 noun

plural checks or, for 43, chex.

  1. Also British, cheque .Banking. a written order, usually on a standard printed form, directing a bank to pay money.
  2. a slip or ticket showing the amount owed, especially a bill for food or beverages consumed.
  3. a ticket or token that when matched with a counterpart identifies an article left in the temporary custody of another, the purchaser of a ticket, a person who is to be served next, etc.
adj. 形容词 adjective
  1. serving to check, control, verify, etc.: a check system.
  2. ornamented with a pattern of squares; checkered: a check border.
interj. 感叹词 interjection
  1. Chess.
  2. Informal. all right! agreed!
v. 动词组 verb
  1. check in, to register, as at a hotel; indicate one's arrival or presence at a place, function, etc., usually by signing an appropriate form: We checked in at the reception desk.
  2. check on / up on to investigate, scrutinize, or inspect: Don't forget to check on his work. We have to check up on him.
  3. check out, to vacate and pay for one's quarters at a verify or become verified; examine or fulfill requirements, as by passing a test: The engine checked out and we proceeded on our itemize, total the cost of, and collect payment for: The supermarket cashier was exhausted from checking out groceries all day have the cost added up and pay for borrow by having it listed as one's temporary responsibility: The adding machine was checked out in your depart quickly or abruptly; leave in a die.
  4. check over, to examine or investigate, especially thoroughly.

check 近义词

n. 名词 noun

inspection, examination

n. 名词 noun

restraint, hindrance

n. 名词 noun

symbol for ticking off

n. 名词 noun

pattern of squares

v. 动词 verb

inspect, examine

v. 动词 verb

hinder, restrain


  • check in
  • check into
  • check off
  • check on
  • check out
  • check over
  • checks and balances
  • check up
  • blank check
  • claim check
  • in check
  • pick up (the check)
  • rain check
  • reality check
  • rubber check


  1. Same coaches and same teammates, but practices were off campus and often took at least some precautions, like distancing and temperature checks.
  2. It will be writing checks ranging between roughly half a million and $3 million dollars, and it is only planning to raise $40 million — so the checks will be selective.
  3. To do so, check your local government website for OHV laws and regulations or head over to the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association, which has tons of resources like basic off-road driver courses and tips for minimizing your impact.
  4. Votes aren’t just little sheets of paper with boxes you check with a crayon.
  5. Ballot designs and rules vary by state, but check that you’ve signed everywhere and sealed all the envelopes as instructed.
  6. In this cockamamie get-rich scheme, would they all issue an apology if he cut a check?
  7. We try to avoid going away for too long, so we can check back in.
  8. She came to sound check, that was the first time we ever performed it, and it was really cool.
  9. To judge her acting abilities for yourself, check out her videos on YouTube for “Sex Shooter.”
  10. While the desk sergeant ran a background check, he was roughed up by another officer in the lock-up.
  11. "Very well," said the other, handing him a check for twenty-five dollars as a retainer, and straightway left the office.
  12. The new Government to preserve public order and check all reprisals against the Spaniards.
  13. But in the organization in which we live over-production tends to check itself at once.
  14. Am I to check the number of rounds in the limbers; on the beaches and in transit during a battle?
  15. Scarcely were they bandaged when the news arrived that Augereau's division had received a severe check.