constrain / kənˈstreɪn /


constrain 的定义

v. 有主动词 verb
  1. to force, compel, or oblige: He was constrained to admit the offense.
  2. to confine forcibly, as by bonds.
  3. to repress or restrain: Cold weather constrained the plant's growth.

constrain 近义词

v. 动词 verb

force; restrain


  1. It should also help cut the size and weight of these crucial components, which could help us pack far more electronics into constrained platforms like drones or wearables.
  2. Vlontzos and his colleagues used this concept to constrain the future frames an AI could pick.
  3. Additionally, the bank is constrained by a $2 trillion asset cap imposed on it by the Federal Reserve.
  4. Ramstead sees this line of thinking as compatible with Krakauer and Flack’s formalism but usefully constrained by an account of how a biological entity maintains its own individuality.
  5. Our perspectives have been constrained by the expectations and incentives that limit every other part of the system, as well as our perceptions of those limitations, which are not always correct.
  6. Isha Aran at Jezebel worries that the show “glorif[ies] the way religion can constrain people.”
  7. This argument is vital to a larger argument: Do we obey the rules set up to constrain government or not?
  8. But when you can sing like that, how can you constrain that voice and possibly be comfortable in the back?
  9. President Obama is at least as eager to constrain Medicare spending as Republicans, possibly even more so.
  10. The response will be to get more security, to constrain how freely ambassadors move around.
  11. The dramatist "may call up the shadows of the past, but like the Witch of Endor, in order to constrain them to reveal the future."
  12. And the very instant the cloth was removed, she rose, unable to constrain herself any longer, and ran up stairs to her own room.
  13. O for the lyre of some Orpheus, to constrain, with touch of melodious strings, these mad masses into Order!
  14. I have urged him to use his power to constrain her, but he loves liberty himself too dearly, he says, to put force upon another.'
  15. None did awake them, none did constrain them to eat, drink, nor do any other thing; for so had Gargantua established it.