assist / əˈsɪst /


assist3 个定义

v. 有主动词 verb
  1. to give support or aid to; help: Please assist him in moving the furniture.
  2. to be associated with as an assistant or helper.
v. 无主动词 verb
  1. to give aid or help.
  2. to be present, as at a meeting or ceremony.
n. 名词 noun
  1. Sports. Baseball.a play that helps to put out a batter or base runner.Basketball, Ice Hockey.a play that helps a teammate in gaining a goal.the official credit scored for such plays.
  2. a helpful act: She finished her homework without an assist from her father.
  3. Machinery. an electrical, hydraulic, or mechanical means of increasing power, efficiency, or ease of use: a luxury automobile equipped with assists for brakes, steering, windows, and seat adjustment.

assist 近义词

n. 名词 noun


v. 动词 verb



  1. Over his seven-plus seasons starting, he ranks eighth among all players in potential assists while leading the league in total passes.
  2. Hawley's January fundraising got a huge assist from an independent political group, the Senate Conservatives Fund, which told Axios last week that it had already bundled more than $300,000 in contributions for the senator since the Capitol attack.
  3. Jakub Vrana, who was moved down to the fourth line, was awarded the primary assist on the play and finished with two assists, responding well to his demotion.
  4. While the NBA’s reliance on threes has increased each year since the 2011-12 season, it took an assist from the NCAA rules committee for the pros to finally overtake the amateurs.
  5. Jokic’s points, rebounds and assists averages haven’t been matched by any player since Oscar Robertson, a 6-5 guard, in 1961-62.
  6. The FBI has also been searching its records for any information that could assist the French investigation, a spokesperson added.
  7. Not her own—but Landrieu did provide an assist to a man doing a keg stand at Louisiana State University.
  8. Distant cousins of the Bordens are on hand to assist the cast of 20 people, some of whom are very dedicated guests.
  9. Companies across the country donated supplies and equipment to assist him with his expedition.
  10. The social worker will “assist staff and public with counseling and psychosocial support and communications.”
  11. The emperor Nicholas of Russia declared, by ukase, his purpose to assist Austria.
  12. Still another kind of war credit bank was created on the co-operative plan to assist the middle and lower classes.
  13. He stood swaying the umbrella-handle about, looking down at it, as if that would assist his decision.
  14. To assist the amateur and collector in this pursuit is the object of the present little work.
  15. An English battery came thundering down the road to take up a fresh position and assist in covering the retreat.