handicap / ˈhæn diˌkæp /


handicap2 个定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. a race or other contest in which certain disadvantages or advantages of weight, distance, time, etc., are placed upon competitors to equalize their chances of winning.
  2. the disadvantage or advantage itself.
  3. any disadvantage that makes success more difficult: The main handicap of our business is lack of capital.
  4. Sometimes Offensive. a physical or mental disability making participation in certain of the usual activities of daily living more difficult.
v. 有主动词 verb

hand·i·capped, hand·i·cap·ping.

  1. to place at a disadvantage; disable or burden: He was handicapped by his injured ankle.
  2. to subject to a disadvantageous handicap, as a competitor of recognized superiority.
  3. to assign handicaps to.
  4. Sports. to attempt to predict the winner of, as by comparing past performances of the contestants.to assign odds for or against to win a contest or series of contests: He handicapped the Yankees at 2-to-1 to take the series from the Cardinals.

handicap 近义词

n. 名词 noun


n. 名词 noun


v. 动词 verb

give disadvantage


  1. Faced with that handicap, even with good writing and performances, it’s hard for a movie to be anything but a bummer.
  2. If the horses hold true to form, this one won’t be tough to handicap.
  3. Floor plates will extend from the center to the outside perimeter in various configurations, offering what looks to be a warren of green zones and sitting areas, as well as handicap access to the exterior of the building.
  4. That could prove a severe handicap as the president-elect’s team prepares to take office amid a slew of threats from digital adversaries, including Russia, China and Iran.
  5. Dwayne’s at a little bit of a handicap because he’s only been in the system a year, where Kyle’s been in it for three.
  6. “Lack of forward firing ordnance in a CAS supporting aircraft is a major handicap,” he added.
  7. Unprepared, and a laughingstock because of his handicap, Yarvi is bullied on every front—even by his mother.
  8. If the rest of us have had trouble catching up to Robespierre and crew, well, we are starting from a bit of a handicap.
  9. The handicap, after some needling back and forth, was fixed at eight strokes.
  10. McLean listened to the stranger's mild appeal for a ten-stroke handicap.
  11. An absence of ducats, coupled with the necessity of getting my handicap down to ten, has prevented my speaking ere this.
  12. We have laboured under a terrible handicap owing to an almost fatal departure from the Swadeshi spirit.
  13. The event of the season was the handicap race for the Cup given by the Queen, which took place on August 10.
  14. He might yet accomplish big things although he was under a terrific handicap—and he might not.
  15. It is a great handicap having no one to look after things down there.