hindrance / ˈhɪn drəns /


hindrance 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. an impeding, stopping, preventing, or the like.
  2. the state of being hindered.
  3. a person or thing that hinders.

hindrance 近义词

n. 名词 noun

obstruction, difficulty


  1. Even though Alaska’s small population and great distance are hindrances to purchasing, she said, the state has been able to stockpile most of the equipment it needs for the hospitals it supplies.
  2. Nikic’s journey to an unprecedented feat began with a father who did not want his son’s condition to be a hindrance.
  3. Depending on the perspective, Fisker’s history is either an advantage or a hindrance when lined up against other EV companies.
  4. Blackness, queerness, womanhood, othering, and their intersections, are not hindrances in Rihanna’s world, but rather facets to be proud of.
  5. To no one’s surprise, the committee said the current 2G speed doesn’t “pose any hindrance to Covid-19 control measures.”
  6. We are not told that Cooper had been able to vote without hindrance when she lived in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.
  7. Jim Kessler with Third Way, a centrist Democratic group, describes it as “getting out of the way…more service than hindrance.”
  8. “The drug war is a big hindrance to my freedom,” he says in the video.
  9. In the long run, was the Warren Commission a help, a hindrance, or some of both?
  10. As Romney learned the hard way, titans of finance can be more of a hindrance than a help.
  11. This was a crude arrangement and often proved more of a hindrance than of a help to the player.
  12. The memories of the night before came to me without shadow or hindrance, escorted gaily by the hopes of the night to come.
  13. These are not only useless to man, but when he lies upon his back they are an actual hindrance to the free flow of the blood.
  14. About this date, another cause, in addition to the quieta non movere principle, interfered to the hindrance of any such proposals.
  15. These presented no serious hindrance to our attaining high speed, for we could tell just where to expect them.