bar / bɑr /


bar3 个定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. a relatively long, evenly shaped piece of some solid substance, as metal or wood, used as a guard or obstruction or for some mechanical purpose: the bars of a cage.
  2. an oblong piece of any solid material: a bar of soap; a candy bar.
  3. the amount of material in a bar.
v. 有主动词 verb

barred, bar·ring.

  1. to equip or fasten with a bar or bars: Bar the door before retiring for the night.
  2. to block by or as if by bars: The police barred the exits in an attempt to prevent the thief's escape.
  3. to prevent or hinder: They barred her entrance to the club.
prep. 介词、前置词 preposition
  1. except; omitting; but: bar none.

bar 近义词

n. 名词 noun

rod; straight length of material

n. 名词 noun

barrier; blockage

n. 名词 noun

establishment serving alcohol

n. 名词 noun

legal system

v. 动词 verb

secure, usually with a length of material

v. 动词 verb



  • bare bones
  • bare hands, with one's
  • bare necessities
  • bare one's soul
  • bare one's teeth
  • barge in
  • bar none
  • behind bars
  • no holds barred


  1. Few foods occupy your mind without requiring your full focus quite like sunflower seedsI don’t remember my first string cheese or Kudos bar or Fig Newton, but for some reason, sunflower seeds and I have an origin story.
  2. On Google-powered devices you can also swipe up from the bottom and hold to see recently used apps, or swipe left or right along the home bar at the foot of the display to quickly jump between open apps.
  3. Finally, regulators and lawmakers should trust bars and restaurants to responsibly offer cocktails-to-go.
  4. Of course, I still enjoyed being able to drink at a bar, but I recognized this custom was different now.
  5. With its classic bar and varied rooms, the whole place is simply beguiling.
  6. I took out my knife, my Ka-Bar, and knocked his teeth out, but they fell into his throat.
  7. You might work on the same groove for five hours nonstop, some three-bar thing over and over.
  8. The bar also claims that it hosted the first-ever poetry slam 28 years ago.
  9. A sepia photo shows him as a young boy, head in his hands, with a large book open at a bar table.
  10. His later books drew heavily from experiences and people he encountered at the bar, including the cruel captain in The Sea-Wolf.
  11. But you will find most colleges and most college societies bar religious instruction and discussion.
  12. Ogden Hoffman, a distinguished member of the New York bar, died, aged 62.
  13. The mosquito bar was drawn over her; the old woman had come in while she slept and let down the bar.
  14. And when three come, me and Maud was on the Bar Y road where it goes acrosst that crick-bottom.
  15. If dat preacher goes to run a bar agin me,” he says, “py golly, I makes no more moneys!