keep / kip /


keep4 个定义

v. 有主动词 verb

kept, keep·ing.

  1. to hold or retain in one's possession; hold as one's own: If you like it, keep it. Keep the change.
  2. to hold or have the use of for a period of time: You can keep it for the summer.
  3. to hold in a given place; store: You can keep your things in here.
v. 无主动词 verb

kept, keep·ing.

  1. to continue in an action, course, position, state, etc.: to keep in sight; to keep going.
  2. to remain, or continue to be, as specified: to keep cool.
  3. to remain or stay in a particular place: to keep indoors.
n. 名词 noun
  1. board and lodging; subsistence; support: to work for one's keep.
  2. the innermost and strongest structure or central tower of a medieval castle.
  3. keeps, a game of marbles in which the players keep the marbles they have won.
v. 动词组 verb
  1. keep at, to persist in; be steadfast: You'll never master your French unless you keep at it.
  2. keep back, to hold in check; restrain: The dikes kept back the stay away from: The crowds would not keep back from the refuse to reveal: The prisoner was keeping back vital information.
  3. keep down, to hold under control or at a reduced or acceptable level: to keep your voice prevent from going up or increasing: to keep prices down.

keep 近义词

v. 动词 verb

hold, maintain

v. 动词 verb

tend; provide for

v. 动词 verb


v. 动词 verb

commemorate; pay attention to


  • keep abreast of
  • keep a civil tongue in one's head
  • keep after
  • keep a low profile
  • keep an eye on
  • keep an eye out for
  • keep a sharp lookout
  • keep a stiff upper lip
  • keep a straight face
  • keep at
  • keep at arm's length
  • keep a weather eye out
  • keep back
  • keep body and soul together
  • keep company
  • keep cool
  • keep down
  • keep from
  • keep house
  • keeping up with the Joneses
  • keep in mind
  • keep in the dark
  • keep in touch
  • keep in with
  • keep it up
  • keep late hours
  • keep off
  • keep on
  • keep one's chin up
  • keep one's cool
  • keep one's distance
  • keep oneself to oneself
  • keep one's end up
  • keep one's eye on the ball
  • keep one's eyes open
  • keep one's fingers crossed
  • keep one's hand in
  • keep one's hands off
  • keep one's head
  • keep one's mouth shut
  • keep one's nose clean
  • keep one's nose to the grindstone
  • keep one's own counsel
  • keep one's powder dry
  • keep one's shirt on
  • keep one's temper
  • keep one's wits about one
  • keep one's word
  • keep pace
  • keep posted
  • keep quiet
  • keep tabs on
  • keep the ball rolling
  • keep the lid on
  • keep the peace
  • keep the wolf from the door
  • keep time
  • keep to
  • keep to oneself
  • keep track
  • keep under one's hat
  • keep under wraps
  • keep up
  • keep watch
  • keep your . . .
  • earn one's keep
  • finders keepers, losers weepers
  • for keeps
  • in keeping
  • (keep someone) in the dark


  1. Domestically, the prime minister maintains the dubious line that he is the only man who can keep the still-fragile peace.
  2. “Someone is determined to keep Bill Cosby off TV,” she continued.
  3. I think if you keep trying to do things the same way it becomes diminishing returns.
  4. Ney said McDonnell needs to “keep a stiff lip” and stay in close contact with family members.
  5. I keep meeting more and more people where that seems to be the case.
  6. She was growing accustomed to like shocks, but she could not keep the mounting color back from her cheeks.
  7. And it was no light task, then, for six hundred men to keep the peace on a thousand miles of frontier.
  8. He will keep the sayings of renowned men, and will enter withal into the subtilties of parables.
  9. Keep closely covered with a bell glass and, in a few weeks, more or less, the baby Ferns will start to put in an appearance.
  10. My thought was to keep pushing in troops from "W" Beach until the enemy had fallen back to save themselves from being cut off.