curb / kɜrb /


curb2 个定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. Also British, kerb . a rim, especially of joined stones or concrete, along a street or roadway, forming an edge for a sidewalk.
  2. anything that restrains or controls; a restraint; check.
  3. an enclosing framework or border.
v. 有主动词 verb
  1. to control as with a curb; restrain; check.
  2. to cause to keep near the curb: Curb your dog.
  3. Also British, kerb . to furnish with or protect by a curb.
  4. to put a curb on.

curb 近义词

n. 名词 noun

restraining device; check

v. 动词 verb

repress, restrict


  1. In 2019, House Democrats wisely made political reform a top priority by writing and passing HR 1 — a package of election reform measures that included automatic voter registration and federal curbs on partisan gerrymandering.
  2. Duce suggests going outside and incorporating whatever props you find—jumping on and off a curb, practicing push-ups against a rock, or doing dips from a bench.
  3. The PU cast wheels measure 205 millimeters so you can feel confident going over curb cuts, bumps, and bits of debris.
  4. They positioned my head on the edge of the curb and stomped on my face twice, breaking it wide open.
  5. Beginning in the 1930s, scientists found that systole dampens pain and curbs startle reflexes.
  6. No law or even revolution in police tactics can fully curb the rising expectations that come with a wired world.
  7. Did you feel like, with Hello Ladies, you wanted your own showcase—your own Curb, so to speak?
  8. He was shot twice in the head, his body left lying on a curb.
  9. He had the vehicles moved to the curb outside the dealership.
  10. “The basic aim of a democratic regime is to curb the use of arbitrary powers against its citizens,” West writes.
  11. Trouv, the moving spirit of the Commission, had but one idea, to curb the growing democratic spirit of the Piedmontese.
  12. As Matt hurried out of the capitol building he found Clip at the curb, waiting for him.
  13. Dutifully Lamb's goon turned and retraced his steps to the curb, holding his four-square hat carefully.
  14. He caught a down car and got out just as the first prowl car came sirening its way into the side street curb.
  15. I will set a curb upon my impatience afterwards, and go through my period of ah—probation without murmuring.