bit / bɪt /


bit2 个定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. Machinery. a removable drilling or boring tool for use in a brace, drill press, or the like.a removable boring head used on certain kinds of drills, as a rock drill.a device for drilling oil wells or the like, consisting of a horizontally rotating blade or an assembly of rotating toothed wheels.
  2. the mouthpiece of a bridle, having fittings at each end to which the reins are fastened.
  3. anything that curbs or restrains.
v. 有主动词 verb

bit·ted, bit·ting.

  1. to put a bit in the mouth of.
  2. to curb or restrain with, or as with, a bit.
  3. to grind a bit on.

bit 近义词

n. 名词 noun

tiny piece

n. 名词 noun

short period of time

n. 名词 noun

computer information

bit 的近义词 4
bit 的反义词 1


  • bit by bit
  • bite off more than one can chew
  • bite one's nails
  • bite one's tongue
  • bite someone's head off
  • bite the bullet
  • bite the dust
  • bite the hand that feeds you
  • a bit
  • champ at the bit
  • do one's bit
  • every bit
  • not a bit
  • quite a bit
  • take the bit in one's mouth
  • two bits


  1. This one is perhaps a bit too complex to capture in a sentence or two, so see our previous coverage of NDB here.
  2. As a result, the waves travel a bit faster when the water is warmer.
  3. She is juggling a lot and is plowing through, but wants to take care of herself naturally and sometimes a bit indulgently.
  4. Elsewhere, the software feels a bit zippier than on the Series 5, thanks to Apple’s improved S6 processor chip.
  5. At the time of the 1790 census, Virginia had a bit less than 13 times the population of Delaware.
  6. In a bit of foreshadowing, he repeated that opinion in November.
  7. Even the hot Jewish women I mentioned above did something a bit more “intellectual” than pageantry: acting.
  8. His peers remember him as a bright man who spoke softly and occasionally came across as a bit shy.
  9. She narrowed her eyes, bit her lip as if to chew over the question, and whisked some stray blond hairs away from her face.
  10. It reminded me a bit of an alternative take on The Wolf of Wall Street—through the Toni and Candace lens.
  11. After a bit of waiting, Mac decided that the smoke was floating from a certain direction, and we began to edge carefully that way.
  12. The sudden pall of darkness in this strange house of mystery was just a tiny bit awesome.
  13. Things looked anxious for a bit, but by this morning's dawn all are dug in, cool, confident.
  14. Nogués and his brave lads have done their bit indeed for the glory of the Army of France.
  15. Kum Kale has been a brilliant bit of work, though I fear we have lost nearly a quarter of our effectives.