save / seɪv /


save3 个定义

v. 有主动词 verb

saved, sav·ing.

  1. to rescue from danger or possible harm, injury, or loss: to save someone from drowning.
  2. to keep safe, intact, or unhurt; safeguard; preserve: God save the king.
  3. to keep from being lost to an opponent: A goal in the final minute saved the game.
v. 无主动词 verb

saved, sav·ing.

  1. to lay up money as the result of economy or thrift.
  2. to be economical in expenditure.
  3. to preserve something from harm, injury, loss, etc.
  4. to keep or last without spoiling, as food.
n. 名词 noun
  1. an act or instance of saving, especially in sports: The goalie guarded the net well and made a crucial save.
  2. Baseball. a statistical credit given a relief pitcher for preserving a team's victory by holding its lead in a game.
  3. Computers. an act of copying a file or other data to a storage medium: The server is scheduled to execute a systemwide save at the end of the work version of a saved file: We can recover the lost data if we restore it from a previous save.

save 近义词

v. 动词 verb


v. 动词 verb

economize; set money aside for later use

v. 动词 verb

guard, protect


  • saved by the bell
  • save face
  • save for a rainy day
  • save one's bacon
  • save one's breath
  • save the day
  • save up
  • penny saved is a penny earned
  • rainy day, save for a
  • scrimp and save
  • to save one's life


  1. Perhaps a country that’s been through the turmoil of three presidents in a week needs a goalkeeper to make a save.
  2. Open up a playlist, click Edit, check the Collaborative box, and Save.
  3. Even after a site has been migrated, rankings for important pages may fluctuate and search engines may have to index new URLs, so save site migrations and other projects that could affect your visibility and user experience for later.
  4. In the case of 1Password and its browser extension, look for the Save in 1Password button when you’re logging in.
  5. Once created, offering quick access to their list makes it easy to add saved items to their shopping cart for fast checkout.
  6. If the world is going to end, why are evangelicals so busy trying to save it?
  7. Mills was lying on the sidewalk, dying, right in front of people trained to save him.
  8. Like background check laws across the country, it will help keep guns out of dangerous hands, reduce gun crime, and save lives.
  9. “We started doing this because we want to save lives,” Jonson says.
  10. Alexander and Adorno were doing what they could to save the officer on the passenger side, Liu.
  11. This will often save the foliage from drying up, a happening which makes the plants rather unsightly.
  12. His hair was darker—almost brown save at the temples, where age had faded it to an ashen colour.
  13. Among the clergy therein he finds no offenses, save that a few have gambled in public; these are promptly disciplined.
  14. My thought was to keep pushing in troops from "W" Beach until the enemy had fallen back to save themselves from being cut off.
  15. She reached forward to it in ecstasy; but she might not enjoy it, save at the price which her conscience exacted.