reduce / rɪˈdus, -ˈdyus /


reduce2 个定义

v. 有主动词 verb

re·duced, re·duc·ing.

  1. to bring down to a smaller extent, size, amount, number, etc.: to reduce one's weight by 10 pounds.
  2. to lower in degree, intensity, etc.: to reduce the speed of a car.
  3. to bring down to a lower rank, dignity, etc.: a sergeant reduced to a corporal
v. 无主动词 verb

re·duced, re·duc·ing.

  1. to become reduced.
  2. to become lessened, especially in weight.
  3. to be turned into or made to equal something: All our difficulties reduce to financial problems.
  4. Cell Biology. to undergo meiosis.

reduce 近义词

v. 动词 verb

make less; decrease

v. 动词 verb


v. 动词 verb

humble, humiliate


  1. Facebook is also today reminding users of its rules to reduce the spread of groups tied to violence.
  2. So in addition to reducing emissions at home, we need to make it likelier that those countries will reduce their emissions, too.
  3. Google announced at the start of September it would reduce the visibility of search terms shown in reports for advertisers.
  4. Now Israel can claim it has more friends in the region, possibly reducing the pressure on it regarding its relations with Palestinians.
  5. In an interview with VOSD’s Scott Lewis this week, a top aide to Mayor Kevin Faulconer noted that the estimate now includes a 45 percent contingency and could be reduced as general contracting firm Kitchell digs in further.
  6. Having a criminal record can reduce the likelihood of getting a callback or job offer by 50 percent.
  7. We kind of reduce things to the lowest common denominator, in some ways for good and in some ways not for good.
  8. Heat the rum in a small skillet over medium until reduce by half.
  9. Like background check laws across the country, it will help keep guns out of dangerous hands, reduce gun crime, and save lives.
  10. The studio took him at his word and jumped at the chance to close down, or at least reduce, his costly operation.
  11. However, in the visit that I shall make in this archbishopric, I shall try to reduce them to as few settlements as possible.
  12. He will rattle on in Spanish till Herr S. gets desperate, and tries to reduce him to order.
  13. This would reduce the available time for direct manual labour at his disposal.
  14. I will take care to reduce the weight if possible, so as to be carried on the backs of mules.
  15. But a bank can retain a dividend that has been declared to reduce the indebtedness of the owner to the bank for his stock.