fix / fɪks /


fix4 个定义

v. 有主动词 verb

fixed or fixt [fikst], /fɪkst/, fix·ing.

  1. to repair; mend.
  2. to put in order or in good condition; adjust or arrange: She fixed her hair in a bun.
  3. to make fast, firm, or stable.
v. 无主动词 verb

fixed or fixt, fix·ing.

  1. to become fixed.
  2. to become set; assume a rigid or solid form.
  3. to become stable or permanent.
n. 名词 noun
  1. Informal. a position from which it is difficult to escape; predicament.
  2. Informal. a repair, adjustment, or solution, usually of an immediate nature: Can you think of a fix for the problem?
  3. Navigation. a charted position of a vessel or aircraft, determined by two or more bearings taken on landmarks, heavenly bod-ies, etc.the determining of the position of a ship, plane, etc., by mathematical, electronic, or other means: The navigator took a fix on the sun and steered the ship due north.
v. 动词组 verb
  1. fix on / upon to decide on; determine: We won't be able to fix on a location for the banquet until we know the number of guests.
  2. fix up, Informal. to arrange for: to fix up a provide with; repair; smooth over; solve: They weren't able to fix up their differences.

fix 近义词

n. 名词 noun

difficult or ticklish situation

v. 动词 verb

establish, make firm

v. 动词 verb

determine, decide

v. 动词 verb

mend, repair

v. 动词 verb

prepare, plan ahead

v. 动词 verb

focus on

v. 动词 verb

cook a meal

v. 动词 verb

manipulate, influence an event

v. 动词 verb

wreak vengeance on


  • fix someone's wagon
  • fix up
  • get a fix
  • get a fix on
  • if it ain't broke don't fix it
  • in a fix


  1. Those efforts take resources, but experts cautioned against seemingly easy fixes like requiring people to provide proof of residency or other documentation.
  2. Maryland Democratic lawmakers are calling on the Hogan administration to make immediate and long-term fixes to the state’s “broken” unemployment system, which has been plagued with problems since the beginning of the pandemic.
  3. I spoke with Kipp Godfrey, the general manager and overseer of tens of thousands of fixes at America’s premier technical gear-mending shop, Rainy Pass Repair, about how you can maximize your ski kit’s life and efficacy for seasons to come.
  4. She also outlined several fixes that have been made in response to feedback.
  5. New additions in the release notes include the ability to read smaller QR codes with the iPhone cameras, notifications to tell users "when the camera of your iPhone is unable to be verified as a new, genuine Apple camera," and a number of bug fixes.
  6. Further, there are maintenance crews who have to fix those drones.
  7. Her slight miscalculation of how to fix the situation leads to her driving around the gas pump.
  8. The bill, which passed Congress without opposition, is only a temporary fix and expires in 2015.
  9. We need to “fix our schools,” even while recognizing that our efforts thus far are only works-in-progress.
  10. And then it broke down, and the woman says, 'I'm sorry, but we have to fix the internet, so it's down for the rest of the flight.'
  11. To fix on any one stage in such an evolution, detach it, affirm it, is to wrest a true scripture to its destruction.
  12. Look till you fix them for the rest of your days well in memory, and then say what in the devil's name you could make of them.
  13. First I had better fix the sequence of the munition cables, for upon them the whole attack has hung—or rather, hung fire.
  14. "I'd have been in a pretty fix if he had finished my house, and I had tried to move my furniture into it," he muttered.
  15. Meadow Mouse was too well acquainted with old Mr. Crow to get himself into any such fix as that.