confuse / kənˈfyuz /


confuse 的定义

v. 有主动词 verb

con·fused, con·fus·ing.

  1. to perplex or bewilder: The flood of questions confused me.
  2. to make unclear or indistinct: The rumors and angry charges tended to confuse the issue.
  3. to fail to distinguish between; associate by mistake; confound: to confuse dates; He always confuses the twins.
  4. to disconcert or abash: His candor confused her.
  5. to combine without order; jumble; disorder: Try not to confuse the papers on the desk.
  6. Archaic. to bring to ruin or naught.

confuse 近义词

v. 动词 verb

bewilder someone

v. 动词 verb

mix up; involve


  1. Upside down and confused, the owl relaxed its wings, and I used my free arm to tuck them first against its body and then the body against me as though holding a swaddled newborn child.
  2. These products could confuse consumers into accidentally ingesting a potentially deadly product.
  3. Now, they are swimming in confusing murky waters when it comes to making decisions.
  4. Proponents of the change argue that being associated with China has become problematic during the coronavirus pandemic because border agents tend to confuse them with citizens of communist China where Covid-19 is believed to have originated from.
  5. Even the Democratic activists and insiders I spoke with who strongly support the party’s historical role in advancing underrepresented groups emerged from the 2016 election frightened and confused by its results.
  6. Until then, men shall all wearily grow our facial hair, wear flannel, and confuse the hell out of each other out on the streets.
  7. One gets the sense that they are wearing a mask to confuse their readers, and even to evade them.
  8. Stephen Collins is just an actor, of course, and no one should confuse him with a character he played on TV.
  9. This, in fact, is one of their big arguments and it works well to confuse base lines.
  10. The increase in recognition of autism spectrum disorders in Western countries continues to confound and confuse.
  11. I hate drums in the march,' said the king, 'they do nothing but confuse the step.
  12. I've been studying motor manuals and all that sort of thing ever since I commenced to drive, but diagrams always confuse me.
  13. The great number and intricacy of these objects confuse the senses and do not permit the eye to rest.
  14. But at first the telectroscope only served to confuse them more.
  15. Couldn't he confuse her into going off with him, at least temporarily?