bust / bʌst /


bust 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. a sculptured, painted, drawn, or engraved representation of the upper part of the human figure, especially a portrait sculpture showing only the head and shoulders of the subject.
  2. the chest or breast, especially a woman's bosom.

bust 近义词

n. 名词 noun

chest of human

bust 的近义词 4
bust 的反义词 2
n. 名词 noun

arrest for illegal action

v. 动词 verb

ruin, impoverish

bust 的近义词 8
bust 的反义词 6
v. 动词 verb

arrest for illegal action

v. 动词 verb

physically break

bust 的近义词 4
bust 的反义词 6


  • bust a gut
  • bust one's ass
  • break (bust) one's ass
  • go broke (bust)


  1. The dotcom bust, which followed Apple’s second-ever stock split in June 2000, wrecked investors’ returns.
  2. Hormones could very well be making booms and busts worse than they need be.
  3. I don’t want to be doomsday, but it is bleak right now, so we have to think about outdoor recreation as another economic specialization that’s vulnerable to boom-and-bust and think about long-term diversification.
  4. In the past, a bust brought calls for economic diversification.
  5. Although the 30-minute-rule to getting engagement has been busted, it definitely helps to know your best posting time and post consistently.
  6. Nobody ever says they want to become a cop so they can bust people for urinating in public or drinking alcohol on their stoop.
  7. Before this latest brush with the law, the rapper was facing pot-bust and unrelated gun charges.
  8. Because Wright was a no-show in criminal court to face the loud music and pot bust he already had an outstanding warrant.
  9. And every day, we bust our asses to continue “making it,” but we most certainly have not “made it.”
  10. People believe that the financial sector has been allowed to return to its pre-bust excesses.
  11. The back of her head will be quite in line with her charming little bust, and I for one shall walk round and laugh in her face.
  12. Among these are "Medusa," a bronze bust; and a "Mater Dolorosa," in terra-cotta.
  13. It was destroyed in the fire, but has been replaced, and few could tell the present bust is not the original one.
  14. A neat little monument, with a marble bust, is erected to the memory of the founder.
  15. The only sure thing about most of those schemes is the certainty of 'going bust' and losing every penny you have in the world.