clip / klɪp /


clip3 个定义

v. 有主动词 verb

clipped, clipped or clipt, clip·ping.

  1. to cut, or cut off or out, as with shears: to clip a rose from a bush.
  2. to trim by cutting: to clip a hedge.
  3. to cut or trim the hair or fleece of; shear: to clip a poodle.
v. 无主动词 verb

clipped, clipped or clipt, clip·ping.

  1. to clip or cut something.
  2. to cut articles or pictures from a newspaper, magazine, etc.
  3. to move swiftly: He clipped along the highway on his motorcycle.
  4. Archaic. to fly rapidly.
n. 名词 noun
  1. the act of clipping.
  2. anything clipped off, especially the wool shorn at a single shearing of sheep.
  3. the amount of wool shorn in one season.

clip 近义词

v. 动词 verb

cut short

v. 动词 verb


clip 的近义词 11
clip 的反义词 1


  1. They’re good for making content more inclusive and watching films in foreign languages, but they also allow you to enjoy videos and video calls in quiet environments, skim through clips more quickly, and even focus more on what you’re watching.
  2. Its water-proof design floats when dropped in water, so it’s great for the boat or evening fishing trips, and a convenient carabineer clip lets you secure it to a bag when not in use.
  3. TikTok is adding users at a clip that far outpaces most social media platforms.
  4. You can repurpose a piece of content to tweet some bits on Twitter, start a discussion on Facebook, post an edited clip on Instagram, or share a concise blog post on LinkedIn.
  5. Along with the braids, the researchers developed flexible electrode clips.
  6. In this clip, a teenage Minaj gets heated and throws a phone in a play rehearsal during her tenure at LaGuardia High School.
  7. Check out a clip from this exclusive interview with SCAD President and Founder Paula Wallace at the 2014 Savannah Film Festival.
  8. Going at a reasonable clip, my husband and I travel the trails and side roads near our house.
  9. The clip received heaps of Internet criticism after it went viral, and has since been pulled down from state channels.
  10. The country was building houses at a rapid clip, which required a large amount of immigrant labor.
  11. "This is the most ungrateful outfit of greasers I ever met up with," cried Clip, hurrying toward the second man.
  12. Clip still had the club he had taken from the Mexican's companion, and he squared away threateningly.
  13. Matt stood at the gate for a few moments, looking for Clip; but, as he could see nothing of him, he went back into the house.
  14. He was pushing his machine through the gate, and Clip was getting his own wheel and making ready to follow.
  15. The road was a bit cut up and sandy in places, but Clip whaled his machine along and they did a trifle better than thirty miles.