prune / prun /


prune 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. a variety of plum that dries without spoiling.
  2. such a plum when dried.
  3. any plum.

prune 近义词

v. 动词 verb

trim; cut short


  1. “State-of-the-art search engines use ranking pipelines in which an efficient first-stage uses a query to fetch an initial set of documents from the document collection, and one or more re-ranking algorithms improve and prune the ranking.”
  2. If you’ve picked the right pages to prune and promote, you should see a nice lift in keyword rankings where it matters.
  3. It’s unclear whether those whom the state fails to prune are entitled to vote after all — or may face prosecution if they do.
  4. I’ve been seeking out videos on how to get raspberries to fruit and how to properly prune roses, which is far more entertaining than Netflix.
  5. I think for some of us, maybe it will teach us to prune some of the unnecessary trips in our lives.
  6. This was the case with Prune Nourry, a young French sculptress who went to India to create a piece of art interpreting women.
  7. We made the prune based Chocolate Fudge Torte at the bakery and it left everyone slack-jawed.
  8. Whereupon Hard concluded by biting into a large piece of prune pie.
  9. I used to prune a bit, too, in spare moments, so that by the end of the summer considerable renovation had been accomplished.
  10. He tells me the right way to plant potatoes and prune apple-trees, and our communion is blest with eupeptic content.
  11. To cut or prune gooseberry and currant-trees is very simple.
  12. The prune trees took up the glad news and whispered it to the apricot trees, "It is a boy."