expand / ɪkˈspænd /


expand2 个定义

v. 有主动词 verb
  1. to increase in extent, size, volume, scope, etc.: Heat expands most metals. He hopes to expand his company.
  2. to spread or stretch out; unfold: A bird expands its wings.
  3. to express in fuller form or greater detail; develop: to expand a short story into a novel.
  4. Mathematics. to write so as to show the products of its factors.Compare factor. to rewrite as a sum, product, etc., of terms of a particular kind: to expand a function in a power series.
v. 无主动词 verb
  1. to increase or grow in extent, bulk, scope, etc.: Most metals expand with heat. The mind expands with experience.
  2. to spread out; unfold; develop: The buds had not yet expanded.
  3. to express something more fully or in greater detail: to expand on a statement.

expand 近义词

v. 动词 verb

extend, augment

v. 动词 verb

go into detail


  1. Then the novel coronavirus forced dozens of states to quickly expand absentee voting, and the slowdowns got more dramatic.
  2. In response to the coronavirus, nearly half of all states expanded access to mail ballots for their primaries, either by allowing fear of the coronavirus as a reason or proactively sending an application or ballot to every registered voter.
  3. Insider has had its sights on Asia Pacific to expand its tech and business coverage for some time.
  4. They were nominated just as the program prepared to expand one of its available investment funds to also reflect about two dozen emerging-market countries, including China.
  5. A key finding involves a long-standing practice — which was expanded by Congress several times — to deputize Boeing employees to act in behalf of FAA while reviewing aircraft designs.
  6. He once experimented with dressing as “Hilda the Wicked Witch” as a way to expand his business to Halloween.
  7. It also provides a critical opportunity to expand the ranks of the middle class.
  8. Dr. Grenci, who agrees, also saw it as a way to expand her own knowledge on the subculture and what makes it so appealing.
  9. The center for Justice and Accountability in San Francisco, and other human rights organizations went to work to expand the law.
  10. And the CENTCOM commander said that ISIS figures could expand dramatically based on the nature of its actions.
  11. His slight, thin, rather graceless figure seemed suddenly to expand, even to grow taller.
  12. In one, which occurs not infrequently, a thickened arm is made to expand into something like a fan-shaped hand, as in Fig. 18.
  13. Thus the increase of temperature that augments the elasticity of a fluid confined, would expand it in the same degree.
  14. Those modern marine engines use about the same steam pressure and expand about in the same proportion.
  15. Dr. May looked at his son, and saw his face clear up, his brow expand, and his lips unclose with admiration.