condense / kənˈdɛns /


condense2 个定义

v. 有主动词 verb

con·densed, con·dens·ing.

  1. to make more dense or compact; reduce the volume or extent of; concentrate.
  2. to reduce to a shorter form; abridge: Condense your answer into a few words.
  3. to reduce to another and denser form, as a gas or vapor to a liquid or solid state.
v. 无主动词 verb

con·densed, con·dens·ing.

  1. to become denser or more compact or concentrated.
  2. to reduce a book, speech, statement, or the like, to a shorter form.
  3. to become liquid or solid, as a gas or vapor: The steam condensed into droplets.

condense 近义词

v. 动词 verb



  1. A vapor chamber—an enclosed cooling system that relies on liquid evaporating and condensing to cool the air around it—employs another fan to help vent hot air out through the top.
  2. This interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.
  3. This interview is based on phone and email interviews and has been condensed and edited for clarity.
  4. Automated tools that help condense and summarize and extract information from written text are becoming more and more essential.
  5. Appel talked about how the university has condensed it’s “how to teach online” courses for teachers into week-long immersions, or shorter, that are now free for teachers and parents to meet the unprecedented demand.
  6. Those vapors condense into a liquid later in the process and that “condensate” is collected in a storage area, called a sump.
  7. She speaks in thick paragraphs that her staffers probably wish they could condense and sharpen at times.
  8. I cannot condense the horror of either the Bosnian war or the Rwandan genocide in the length of this column.
  9. They get an actor on the schedule at their budgets where they try to condense roles.
  10. Should the vapor not condense well, the test-tube may be immersed in a glass of cold water.
  11. "I wonder if she has ever tried to condense rudeness into an epigram," said Isabel viciously, pausing in her narrative.
  12. I tried to condense the steam by the cold sides of the condenser, without using injection-water.
  13. After a while it became cool enough to permit the water to condense on the surface and so the ocean began to be formed.
  14. Heat and light come and go, as vapors of water condense into rain and dissolve into vapor to return again to the atmosphere.