curtail / kərˈteɪl /


curtail 的定义

v. 有主动词 verb
  1. to cut short; cut off a part of; abridge; reduce; diminish.

curtail 近义词

v. 动词 verb

cut short; abridge


  1. The first precious boxloads of the frozen elixir arrived in December, bearing great promise for curtailing the pandemic that has paralyzed the region and the world.
  2. Senior House Democrats on Monday night proposed sending $1,400 stimulus payments to Americans with up to $75,000 in annual income, rejecting an earlier plan under consideration to sharply curtail the benefits.
  3. As the exhibition argues for conservation of resources and curtailing the rampant consumption destroying the planet, it does so in the vernacular of excess.
  4. Moreover, efforts to curtail no-excuse early voting have nothing to do with election security.
  5. The District approved hundreds of temporary outdoor dining permits last year that allowed businesses to take advantage of unused sidewalk space, alleys and parking lanes — generating a lifeline as indoor dining was shut down or drastically curtailed.
  6. Rail at the bigots in Washington on TV seeking to curtail equality?
  7. With the World Cup fast approaching, Brazil is attempting to curtail its controversial soccer fan clubs.
  8. But it is also time to curtail the demand for ivory in Asia.
  9. The promises of benefit are false, and government action to curtail this kind of fraud is long overdue.
  10. Bill de Blasio successfully campaigned for mayor on the promise to curtail it.
  11. Thereafter severe repressive measures were taken to curtail its power.
  12. The narrator dwelt on the flirtation lovingly, and at great length, but here we are obliged to curtail it.
  13. The lords accepted the colonists' petition, and gave forth that they did not intend to curtail their liberties.
  14. The nobles and the clergy adhered tenaciously to their privileges, and the Court would curtail none of its unnecessary expenses.
  15. Hence anything which will curtail our sufferings and add to our pleasures or our powers, should be sought as the highest good.