surround / səˈraʊnd /


surround2 个定义

v. 有主动词 verb
  1. to enclose on all sides; encompass: She was surrounded by reporters.
  2. to form an enclosure round; encircle: A stone wall surrounds the estate.
  3. to enclose so as to cut off communication or retreat.
n. 名词 noun
  1. something that surrounds, as the area, border, etc., around an object or central space: a tile surround for the shower stall.
  2. environment or setting: The designer created a Persian surround for the new restaurant.
  3. Hunting. a means of hunting in which wild animals are encircled and chased into a special spot that makes their escape impossible.the act of hunting by this means.the location encircled by hunters using this means.

surround 近义词

v. 动词 verb

enclose, encircle something


  1. Apple developed its spatial audio feature in an effort to create a surround sound effect from just two audio sources—one in your left ear and one in your right.
  2. Wireless speakers allow this system to flourish in any theater environment thanks to the ease of setup and maintenance, making this a no-brainer first step into the surround sound market.
  3. Because graphene is able to block most fluids while letting only water through, Directa Plus’s powder is being used in barriers that absorb spilled oil, cleaning up the surround.
  4. Instead of springing for a full-blown surround sound system, you can rectify the issue with a soundbar and subwoofer setup.
  5. Apple also announced new features for its AppleTV platform, and new spatial audio features coming to AirPods Pro, seeking to simulate the effects of a surround sound system without the extra speakers.
  6. Think Afghanistan and pieces of all the countries that surround it, including and especially Iran.
  7. The first potential scientific secret to improving your bedroom experience: surround yourself with men.
  8. Brittany has decided that her husband and family will, Nov. 1, in her own bed, surround her that day.
  9. Living as they do in the heart of the volatile Caucasus, Georgians are only too aware of the fires that surround them.
  10. Several muscular drivers with massive chains around their necks surround a young port official, demanding he call an ambulance.
  11. And this was all done in the story of Lazarus in such a way that it might surround every grave with illusions for centuries.
  12. They surround themselves with the atmosphere of the demi-monde and forget that a wrinkle is as fatal as a chaperon.
  13. Previous to this hour the Girondists had wished to sustain the throne, and merely to surround it with free institutions.
  14. A sinister power seemed to surround him—a power which took away hope, purpose, life.
  15. There were few afternoons when a ring of spectators did not surround the table, breathlessly watching the champions.