deflation / dɪˈfleɪ ʃən /


deflation 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. the act of deflating or the state of being deflated.
  2. Economics. a fall in the general price level or a contraction of credit and available money.Compare disinflation.
  3. the erosion of sand, soil, etc., by the action of the wind.

deflation 近义词


等同于 depreciation

deflation 的近义词 5
deflation 的反义词 1

等同于 recession


等同于 markdown


等同于 comedown


等同于 contraction


等同于 depression


  1. The pad also comes with new valves that allow for quick inflation and deflation, in case you’re in a rush.
  2. Look at the wild swings back and forth between inflation and deflation back in the day.
  3. Many come with built-in motors for quick inflation and deflation.
  4. Much of the eurozone, in fact, went into the deflation zone last month.
  5. Japan’s economy didn’t skyrocket under his leadership, but overall it grew modestly after two preceding decades of deflation.
  6. When an economy suffers deflation, as Japan has done for several years, nobody has any incentive to spend money today.
  7. The basic idea behind austerity is that deflation via government cuts will rein in budget deficits and sovereign debt.
  8. Deflation also means that the economy adjusts to real shocks in the most disruptive way possible.
  9. I join most economists in thinking that deflation is bad, and it will be good if Japan can stop it.
  10. But if inflation is negative--i.e., if they have deflation--then they have to do something more drastic.
  11. Three pairs of lungs sighed audibly in process of deflation.
  12. There was a concerted stiffening of bodies, a general sigh from lungs in process of deflation.
  13. The Presidents plans for regulated deflation came to naught.
  14. Later, when there was a metal coinage, this cycle of inflation and deflation became still clearer.
  15. Occasionally a region with an adverse balance of trade would lose all its copper money, with the result of a local deflation.