shrinkage / ˈʃrɪŋ kɪdʒ /


shrinkage 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. the act or fact of shrinking.
  2. the amount or degree of shrinking.
  3. reduction or depreciation in quantity, value, etc.
  4. contraction of a fabric in finishing or washing.
  5. the difference between the original weight of livestock and that after it has been prepared for marketing.
  6. Commerce. loss of merchandise through breakage, pilferage, shoplifting, etc.

shrinkage 近义词

n. 名词 noun



  1. Union Pacific’s 31,000-person payroll is more than one-third smaller than it was in 2015, part of a broader shrinkage across all major railroads.
  2. Being 100 natural cotton, it is not completely waterproof and care should be taken to avoid shrinkage.
  3. You lose connectivity between portions of your brain, and some regions even experience shrinkage, according to Williams.
  4. The ill effects of hypernatremia are primarily caused by cell shrinkage and damage in the brain.
  5. “In general, gray matter shrinkage may have no impact,” says Dr. Nicole Prause of University of California, Los Angeles.
  6. True, much of that shrinkage can be traced to individuals bringing income forward to avoid higher tax rates in 2013.
  7. As for their carrot, not the stuff of legend, with or without shrinkage.
  8. A similar shrinkage has been displayed in the case of the protesting Alsace-Lorrainers, who returned only two deputies in 1907.
  9. Customs receipts are larger than ever before, and there is no shrinkage at the clearing house.
  10. Such shrinkage is usually the result of insufficient blanching, or poor packing or both.
  11. Rugose: Short irregular folds, due to shrinkage of surface growth.
  12. On account of the absence of oil, the shrinkage of French spun worsted is considerably less than that made by the Bradford system.