write-down / ˈraɪtˌdaʊn /


write-down 的定义

n. 名词 noun


  1. a reduction of the entered value of an asset account.
  2. the procedure of reducing the recorded value of an asset, either by estimate or as a plan.

write-down 近义词


等同于 devaluation

write-down 的近义词 6
write-down 的反义词 2

等同于 markdown


  1. Clad in a blue, striped button-down, a silver watch adorning his left wrist, Huckabee beams on the cover.
  2. That article noted that the F-35 does not currently have the ability to down-link live video to ground troops,.
  3. A grand juror in the Ferguson case is suing to be able to explain exactly what went down in the courtroom.
  4. The gunman then burst from the restaurant and fled down the street with the other man.
  5. My doctor insisted that once I filed this piece I lie down on my bed and not get out.
  6. Then there was Wee Wo,—he was a little Chinese chap, and we used to send him down the chimneys to open front doors for us.
  7. The bride elect rushes up to him, and so they both step down to the foot-lights.
  8. I take the Extream Bells, and set down the six Changes on them thus.
  9. His wife stood smiling and waving, the boys shouting, as he disappeared in the old rockaway down the sandy road.
  10. So he bore down on the solemn declaration that she stood face to face with a prison term for perjury.