devaluation / diˌvæl yuˈeɪ ʃən /


devaluation 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. an official lowering of the exchange value of a country's currency relative to gold or other currencies.
  2. a reduction of a value, status, etc.

devaluation 近义词

n. 名词 noun


devaluation 的近义词 7
devaluation 的反义词 2


  1. The continued devaluation of caregiving means that turnover for paid caregivers is high.
  2. These two currents of labor devaluation — of women’s work and of racialized work — converge in caregiving.
  3. This devaluation of domestic labor has been racialized from the start.
  4. While effective at boosting sales numbers, this widely implemented strategy can result in a disservice to brands and industries that adopt it, as it promotes the perpetual devaluation of goods or services.
  5. Experts have warned for years that South Florida is particularly vulnerable to a climate-related real estate devaluation.
  6. It closed 2013 with 56 per cent inflation, and this year began with a massive devaluation of its currency.
  7. It does no good to goose your manufacturing exports with a devaluation if your manufacturers can't buy raw materials.
  8. Exporters would presumably like that, since it will lead to a devaluation of the shekel.
  9. Not only does this signal a terrifying devaluation of women, it exacerbates the issue.
  10. Inflation in the high-growth economies will change the relative real wages between the counties the same way a devaluation can.
  11. Rouble inflation will not fully reflect the devaluation for a long time.
  12. They erected defensive barricades of self-aggrandizement and of my devaluation.
  13. Avoid contentions, divisions and animosities, which too frequently terminate in bloodshed and devaluation.
  14. Then the day after devaluation, we switch it all back into dollars again.