accomplishment / əˈkɒm plɪʃ mənt /


accomplishment 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. an act or instance of carrying into effect; fulfillment: the accomplishment of our desires.
  2. something done admirably or creditably: Space exploration is a major accomplishment of science.
  3. anything accomplished; deed; achievement: a career measured in a series of small accomplishments.
  4. Often accomplishments. a grace, skill, or knowledge expected in polite society.any acquired ability or knowledge.

accomplishment 近义词

n. 名词 noun

something successfully done, completed


  1. Most Valuable Player tends to favor how well a player does at lifting her team, a nexus of individual accomplishment and team record.
  2. A great accomplishment, unfortunately, would be to get back to where they were before this pandemic started.
  3. They say listening to podcasts makes you smarter, and if the accomplishments of Fortune’s 40 under 40 are anything to go by, that certainly appears to be true.
  4. Vice presidents must always strike an awkward balance — develop their own political brands while also getting at least some credit for the accomplishments of the administrations they were part of.
  5. In a memo announcing Vacchi’s appointment to deputy chief operating officer for neighborhood services in 2018, Michell hailed his accomplishments as development services director.
  6. But millions of rules result in perpetual error, and, as a terminal side effect, make leadership and accomplishment illegal.
  7. Every president hopes to have at least one signature accomplishment or issue his administration can be remembered for.
  8. A wonderful accomplishment by Kevin and his team and a thrill for Les and Leslie Parrott.
  9. Time and again, the author confuses chattering class dissatisfaction with an honest assessment of accomplishment.
  10. Earthlings, we can celebrate the accomplishment of landing a probe on a new world.
  11. And being devoid of ambition, and striving not toward accomplishment, she drew satisfaction from the work in itself.
  12. Yet all of them are to be viewed as having been performed in order to the accomplishment of the Covenant's design.
  13. The speed of the movement probably varies; it may at times require some thousand years for its accomplishment.
  14. No accomplishment within the scope of human knowledge is so beautiful in all its features as that of epistolary correspondence.
  15. Afterwards, finding no special use for this accomplishment, he gave it up entirely.