confining / kənˈfaɪn for 1, 2, 5, 6; ˈkɒn faɪn for 3, 4 /


confining2 个定义

v. 有主动词 verb

con·fined, con·fin·ing.

  1. to enclose within bounds; limit or restrict: She confined her remarks to errors in the report. Confine your efforts to finishing the book.
  2. to shut or keep in; prevent from leaving a place because of imprisonment, illness, discipline, etc.: For that offense he was confined to quarters for 30 days.
n. 名词 noun
  1. Usually confines. a boundary or bound; limit; border; frontier.
  2. Often confines. region; territory.
  3. Archaic. confinement.
  4. Obsolete. a place of confinement; prison.

confining 近义词

n. 名词 noun



  1. A company called Jurassic Quest created a prehistoric zoo of more than 70 animatronic beasts to explore from the confines of your car.
  2. For Cowles and the game’s other actors, that meant recording lines of dialogue — and their many screams — from the confines of their homes.
  3. While team success within friendly confines has nosedived, if the trend holds, it won’t be much of a departure for the Big Ten, which opens play Friday.
  4. If it was controlled and kept within the confines of marriage, it could build strong families and, ultimately, a strong nation.
  5. Whether you’re working from home, helping educate kids from the confines of your own walls, or like so many of us, doing both, a new constant that probably isn’t going away is the video call.
  6. The decision to leave the confining comforts of home this past November was “awful,” says Grace.
  7. It is at once confining and infinitely sinuous, so at Biennale-time it abounds with situations I call Bonjour, Monsieur Courbet!
  8. To these and the general forms of old English pipes, I purpose confining myself in the present article.
  9. The veil had slipped and might easily have been mistaken for a ribbon confining the queue at the base of the head.
  10. When a way has been acquired by such use, the law is strict in confining the gainer in the use of it.
  11. Instead of confining their action to actual applicants for help, they had to search out cases of nuisance or dangerous disease.
  12. A very dense fog enveloped everything, confining the view of surrounding objects to a radius of about fifty yards.