bounding / baʊnd /


bounding2 个定义

v. 动词 verb
  1. simple past tense and past participle of bind.
adj. 形容词 adjective
  1. tied; in bonds: a bound prisoner.
  2. made fast as if by a band or bond: She is bound to her family.
  3. secured within a cover, as a book.

bounding 近义词

v. 动词 verb

jump, bounce

v. 动词 verb



  • bound and determined to
  • bound for
  • bound hand and foot
  • bound to, be
  • bound up in
  • by leaps and bounds
  • duty bound
  • honor bound
  • out of bounds
  • within bounds


  1. Wilson dropped a well-placed lob into Lockett’s hands and Lockett made certain to get his feet in bounds in the right side of the end zone.
  2. “The blast blasted blubber beyond all believable bounds,” Paul Linnman, a journalist for the television station KATU, reported from the scene.
  3. In the self-driving simulation, the researchers assumed that the robot car was experiencing only one clearly bounded interaction with another car during each round of training.
  4. As I’ve written before, the Supreme Court can face serious backlash if it gets too far outside the bounds of public opinion — which, at least last term, Roberts seemed studiously determined to avoid.
  5. Washington tight end Logan Thomas could’ve bailed Gibson out by either falling on the loose ball or having the presence of mind to knock it out of bounds, but he whiffed on his scoop attempt and allowed Jabrill Peppers to recover for New York.
  6. In other words, don't expect a SWAT team of smart, autonomous Terminator robots to go bounding into the building.
  7. The man, he knew, he could easily distance, and it was the bounding Great Dane he feared.
  8. He ran easily, without effort, each step bounding into the next like an elastic.
  9. "But we do," retorted Young Glory, bounding forward, and giving the man a furious blow in the face with his fist.
  10. We heard boars snorting, and running away, and strange-looking horned creatures leaping and bounding off in all directions.
  11. She had struck into a great belt of plantations bounding one side of the ducal estate.