restrained / rɪˈstreɪnd /


restrained 的定义

adj. 形容词 adjective
  1. characterized by restraint: The actor gave a restrained performance.

restrained 近义词

adj. 形容词 adjective

calm, quiet


  1. The restrained and even understanding posture that he had shown me collapsed in that sentence full of hatred and racism.
  2. Juul’s business has been more restrained in recent years, after vocal criticism from lawmakers, regulators and health groups.
  3. That being the case, bettors should consider a restrained approach to exotic bets for Saturday’s race.
  4. Previously she tried to use the “restrained civility” expected of a woman in politics and of someone with her cultural background.
  5. This restrained style doesn’t mean that parents don’t pay attention, or don’t care what children do.
  6. The Indian navy was so eager to strike it had to be restrained by the high command.
  7. His movie producer character, Bobby Gould, is restrained but still crackling with energy.
  8. The worst part is that Focus on the Family is restrained compared to other Christian conservative child-rearing advice.
  9. “We can use rooftop solar to alleviate areas where supply is restrained,” he said.
  10. “I think Hamas is going to be much more restrained in the coming years,” he said.
  11. Nothing, perhaps, but a noble desire for a really great man restrained her.
  12. Forcing himself to believe that he had been the victim of some kind of illusory perception, he vigorously restrained his feelings.
  13. The Determinist would say that Bill Sikes had committed a crime, and that he ought to be restrained, and taught better.
  14. She could not but feel the triumph to which circumstances had borne her, though magnanimity restrained its manifestation.
  15. At last the ladies withdraw, the men are left to themselves, and you feel a little less restrained.