amplification / ˌæm plə fɪˈkeɪ ʃən /


amplification 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. the act of amplifying or the state of being amplified.
  2. expansion of a statement, narrative, etc., as for rhetorical purposes: In the revision, the story underwent considerable amplification.
  3. a statement, narrative, etc., so expanded: The text of the second edition was an amplification.
  4. the matter or substance used to expand an idea, statement, or the like: He added an extra paragraph to his speech as an amplification.
  5. Electricity. increase in the strength of current, voltage, or power.
  6. Genetics. gene amplification.

amplification 近义词

n. 名词 noun

increase in size or effect


  1. As remarketing was swiftly adopted by advertisers, it also became an engine for publishers, powering ad programs such as audience extension and content amplification.
  2. So-called amplification attacks work by sending the third parties requests that are manipulated so they appear to have come from the target.
  3. The sound should be clear and crisp without requiring further amplification.
  4. That’s what leads to amplification of extremism and all the rest.
  5. They also believe that growing amplification of conspiracy theories by partisan media outlets, social media algorithms, and politicians will continue.
  6. Deprived of amplification, he silently stripped down and collapsed onstage.
  7. But my comedy onstage is just an amplification of what people do to each other.
  8. Amplification, declamation, and exaggeration were at all times the faults of the Greeks, excepting Demosthenes and Aristotle.
  9. Nearly all that she says would be tiresome amplification if any other was speaking of Phædra's passion.
  10. However, there are times when this cannot be done: a point may be so well known that it needs no amplification.
  11. He could hear his voice boom out with thunderous amplification and saw Scotty clap his hands to his ears.
  12. "Because of the limit of amplification in the tubes," Arcot replied.