addition / əˈdɪʃ ən /


addition 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. the act or process of adding or uniting.
  2. the process of uniting two or more numbers into one sum, represented by the symbol +.
  3. the result of adding.
  4. something added.
  5. a wing, room, etc., added to a building, or abutting land added to real estate already owned.
  6. Chemistry. a reaction in which two or more substances combine to form another compound.

addition 近义词

n. 名词 noun

process of conjoining, adding

n. 名词 noun

something conjoined to or enlargement of something

n. 名词 noun

arithmetical process of augmentation


  1. In addition to its new small body, Sony also announced a new super-compact 28-60mm lens.
  2. In addition to the product premieres, Apple made an ambitious environmental announcement.
  3. The move to offer a cheaper watch follows Apple’s iPhone SE strategy to offer a new device with fewer features in addition to keeping an older model for sale.
  4. In addition to having more people living on the coasts than ever before, the hurricanes themselves are getting stronger.
  5. If you are a person who organizes your charging cables and never has enough outlets, this dimmable lamp would make an excellent addition to your space.
  6. In addition, foreign films were limited by a system of licensure to a third of the number of domestic films.
  7. In addition to visiting the tomb of John Paul, who died of natural causes in 2005, Agca asked to see his successor, Pope Francis.
  8. In addition to the negative on-field attention, off-the-field problems were just as bad this year.
  9. In addition, he had made prudent investments and, except for his wine cellar, did not live lavishly.
  10. In addition, because House Democrats were cut out of the negotiations over the bill, they don't feel any incentive to play ball.
  11. With each division, in addition to the divisional staff, there were officers detached from the headquarters staff.
  12. Now in addition to that I had something else in my own college course—something of the same sort of thing but better.
  13. The “Compañia General de Tabacos” lost about ₱30,000 in cash in addition to the damage done to their offices and property.
  14. In future years the poor-rate (so-called) will include, in addition to these, all other rates levyable by the Corporation.
  15. During the last century these were recast, and addition made to the peal, which now consists of twelve.