purview / ˈpɜr vyu /


purview 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. the range of operation, authority, control, concern, etc.
  2. the range of vision, insight, or understanding.
  3. Law. that which is provided or enacted in a statute, as distinguished from the preamble.the purpose or scope of a statute.
  4. the full scope or compass of any document, statement, subject, book, etc.

purview 近义词

n. 名词 noun


n. 名词 noun



  1. The rumors largely targeted the Army Medical Department, which had, with the arrival of war, suddenly assumed control over the health of the millions of young men brought within its purview.
  2. Berend estimated the size of that team to be no more than 10 employees whose purview spans digital video platforms like YouTube, streaming platforms like ViacomCBS’s Pluto TV and NBCUniversal’s own digital sites and apps.
  3. He traded about 200 stocks in different industries, some of which fall within the purview of his position on Senate committees and his prior position in the private sector.
  4. The organization falls under the purview of the Senate Banking Committee, which Perdue sits on.
  5. This kind of chance evolution is the purview of neutral theory, the historically controversial idea that “survival of the fittest” isn’t the only, or even the most common, way that species change, split or disappear.
  6. From his purview, our visit and interest had brought excitement to him and his peers.
  7. Heated and offensive Facebook comments are by no means the exclusive purview of Republican officials.
  8. I have recently established a web site containing a summary of what actually will be done within the purview of our research.
  9. Treaty compliance issues are the purview of the State Department.
  10. To revise, as they do, the landay tradition, once the sole purview of man, is to risk death.
  11. These are among the questions that have influenced the mind of the writer in considering the purview of his book.
  12. Up to then, the English national purview had been almost wholly insular and focussed on the Continent.
  13. The field which he included in his purview was wide—almost as wide as our national life.
  14. Simultaneously Robert and I removed ourselves from the purview of the door.
  15. Who can doubt that Dress is a matter properly coming within purview of religion?