bounds / (baʊndz) /


bounds 的定义

n. 名词(复数) noun
  1. a limit; boundary
  2. something that restrains or confines, esp the standards of a societywithin the bounds of modesty
  3. beat the bounds See beat

bounds 近义词

adj. 形容词 adjective

obligated; destined

v. 动词 verb

jump, bounce

v. 动词 verb



  1. If the operation caused no physical damage, it would be in bounds.
  2. If it was the United States, the operation will test the bounds of international law.
  3. Cosby is hardly the first star to step outside the bounds of marriage.
  4. Thanks to George no topic is out of bounds, no language is off limits.
  5. Inside the quarantine zone, even more specific procedures were outlined to keep those within the bounds of it safe.
  6. Say that my anger has no bounds—that my heart is breaking—will break and kill me, if he persists in his ingratitude and cruelty.
  7. He now knew no bounds to his wrath; and he proclaimed it in such a manner, that the terrified priest flew before him.
  8. The light which discovered its dismal bounds to his solitary eyes, came from a small grated aperture in the vaulted roof.
  9. It was a great thing to see the future King and Queen of England, and our loyalty and enthusiasm knew no bounds.
  10. Soon he begins to trot, and, when he thinks himself out of sight, bounds off like a greyhound.