horizon / həˈraɪ zən /


horizon 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. the line or circle that forms the apparent boundary between earth and sky.
  2. Astronomy. the small circle of the celestial sphere whose plane is tangent to the earth at the position of a given observer, or the plane of such a circle .Also called rational horizon .the great circle of the celestial sphere whose plane passes through the center of the earth and is parallel to the sensible horizon of a given position, or the plane of such a circle .
  3. the limit or range of perception, knowledge, or the like.
  4. Usually ho·ri·zons . the scope of a person's interest, education, understanding, etc.: His horizons were narrow.
  5. Geology. a thin, distinctive stratum useful for stratigraphic correlation.
  6. Also called soil ho·ri·zon . any of the series of distinctive layers found in a vertical cross section of any well-developed soil.

horizon 近义词

n. 名词 noun

skyline, extent


  1. Others have linked the animal carvings at the site to specific constellations, proposing that a scorpion depicted underground might represent Scorpio below the horizon.
  2. The post While cut media company pay might be returning soon, confidence in the ad marketplace not on the horizon appeared first on Digiday.
  3. Always look to broaden your horizon, as new customers await your amazing products!
  4. Brands need to be developing the strategies and at least have these issues on the horizon.
  5. With stay-at-home orders on the horizon, “our business just dried up immediately,” he says.
  6. But without any peace talks on the horizon, everyone is now left to their own devices.
  7. They can hear the sound of his boat's motor, growing louder as it comes over the horizon.
  8. Ebah, speaking from his home in the camp, said suggestively, “There are signs of a big thing on the horizon.”
  9. In many ways, Kansas City is a leaving town, a place for pioneers and rovers with an eye on the distant horizon.
  10. But with the 2016 presidential season on the horizon, the Texas firebrand has subtly changed his tune over the last six months.
  11. See how those distant peaks rise serenely over the southern horizon!
  12. The sky was alight from zenith to horizon, the Nile aflame with sunrise, by the time the letter was written.
  13. The grand mountain-top bearing that name he had known well in many a distant horizon.
  14. He saw the Theban Hills rolling their dark, menacing wave along the far horizon.
  15. The horizon, however, was lowering and hazy, and the sun had not force enough to tear the murky veil asunder.