width / wɪdθ, wɪtθ or, often, wɪθ /


width 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. extent from side to side; breadth; wideness.
  2. a piece of the full wideness, as of cloth.

width 近义词

n. 名词 noun

breadth, wideness of some amount


  1. Perovskite inks are deposited onto glass or plastic to make extremely thin films—around one hundredth of the width of a human hair—made up of metal, halide, and organic ions.
  2. Yamagishi and his colleagues suggest that a colony twice that thick—roughly the width of a dime—could survive up to eight years in space.
  3. About the size of a small TV at 21 inches in width, this dishwasher does the job by easily connecting to your kitchen faucet.
  4. Much like long bone growth, pelvis width is driven largely by estrogen levels.
  5. Tiny channels about the width of a human hair collect sweat.
  6. Each side of the triangle will measure five miles in width, a foot in depth, and nearly 307 miles in length.
  7. Some of us fill it out more width-wise than length-wise, so I always get ring around the cock.
  8. Two thick palm trunks lie across its width and its concrete block walls have tumbled to the ground.
  9. The grander the occasion, the larger the width of the hoop petticoat.
  10. The width of the surrounding streets allows the Barclays Center to stand in relief as the alien presence it is.
  11. About three o'clock, as nearly as I could tell, we dipped into a wooded creek bottom some two hundred yards in width.
  12. It was not until 1842 when part of the Royal Hotel stables were taken down, that it was made its present width.
  13. Small veins, rarely exceeding half an inch in width, the fibres not easily separable.
  14. The man on the girl's right seemed to overlap her possessively which could have been accounted for by the width of his shoulders.
  15. She found herself in a large saloon, which took in the whole width of the stern of the dahabeeyah.