orbit / ˈɔr bɪt /


orbit3 个定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. the curved path, usually elliptical, described by a planet, satellite, spaceship, etc., around a celestial body, as the sun.
  2. the usual course of one's life or range of one's activities.
  3. the sphere of power or influence, as of a nation or person: a small nation in the Russian orbit.
v. 有主动词 verb
  1. to move or travel around in an orbital or elliptical path: The earth orbits the sun once every 365.25 days.
  2. to send into orbit, as a satellite.
v. 无主动词 verb
  1. to go or travel in an orbit.

orbit 近义词

n. 名词 noun

circuit, revolution

n. 名词 noun

influence, domain


  1. He adds that a planet formed in this misaligned part of the fractured disk would have a highly unusual orbit.
  2. Phobos also completes an orbit in just 7 hours and 39 minutes, so its dark shadow is constantly sweeping across the Martian landscape.
  3. Northrup Grumman is contributing designs from its Cygnus spacecraft for parts of the lander that will propel it from orbit to the moon and Draper is designing guidance and avionics systems.
  4. The company delivered 58 of the company’s Starlink satellites to orbit, along with three SkySat satellites for Planet Labs Inc.
  5. Company CEO Elon Musk had stated he wanted to fly Starship 12 miles into the air within just a couple months when he first unveiled the design last September, and that it would fly into orbit within half a year.
  6. Carlisle writes that the Air Force would want a crew ratio of 10 to one for each drone orbit during normal everyday operations.
  7. During an emergency that ratio could be allowed to drop to 8.5 people per orbit.
  8. Each CAP, also known as an “orbit,” consists on four aircraft.
  9. Other groups in the progressive orbit are trying out other tactics.
  10. Orion will orbit Earth twice before splashing down off the California coast.
  11. See that silver spiral going out from Venus and around the table to the orbit of Saturn?
  12. Each new orbit out from the sun has cost plenty in money, ships, and lives; it's the admission price.
  13. In an orbit made elliptical by the planetary attraction the sun necessarily occupies one of the foci of the ellipse.
  14. Bad her fleen, bade her flee; because her motion in her orbit was faster than his.
  15. A dark moon has joined this celestial grouping, and is now swinging in an orbit about the earth.