checked / tʃɛkt /


checked 的定义

adj. 形容词 adjective
  1. having a pattern of squares; checkered: a checked shirt.
  2. Phonetics. situated in a closed syllable.

checked 近义词

v. 动词 verb

inspect, examine

v. 动词 verb

hinder, restrain


  1. These young adults have voluntarily checked out of a political system they consider corrupt and dysfunctional.
  2. The cop lay open-eyed with a grievous head wound as Johnson again checked for a pulse.
  3. Never once was a box checked indicating that his work was unsatisfactory or needed improvement.
  4. The EMTs checked J.W. and said it was up to Hayden whether she was released into their custody.
  5. Indeed, Putin checked out of Brisbane early, claiming he needed to get some sleep.
  6. When these last words of his were interpreted to her, she started, made as if she would run after him, but checked herself.
  7. Bernard uttered a quick exclamation, but Angela checked him with a glance, and Gordon looked from one of them to the other.
  8. He was greeted by hoots and jeers, but with absolute imperturbability he reorganised his forces and checked the enemy.
  9. She checked these useless inquiries; they gave rise to painful and humiliating conjectures.
  10. The clerk had put them all up now and packed them into the basket and stood expectantly with the list checked off in his hand.