priory / ˈpraɪ ə ri /


priory 的定义

n. 名词 noun

plural pri·o·ries.

  1. a religious house governed by a prior or prioress, often dependent upon an abbey.

priory 近义词


等同于 nunnery


等同于 cloister


等同于 abbey


等同于 monastery


  1. Callahan claims that within weeks of leaving the Priory, Moss “got back on drugs.”
  2. BH: Now tell me about the community of women you wrote and imagined in The Chalice—a priory of Dominican nuns.
  3. The novel begins with a statement: “FACT, the Priory of Sion—a European secret society founded in 1099—is a real organization.”
  4. Before buying the priory, the couple had rented a cottage nearby from the Duke of Marlborough on his Blenheim Palace estate.
  5. The house, Burford Priory, is a largely Jacobean mansion, hidden from view by high walls.
  6. “Restoration” was begun at first under the direction of Mr. Ferrey, who also restored Christchurch Priory.
  7. The next morning she was found dead among the stakes of a mill dam on the stream called the Priory River.
  8. His luggage was following in a hand-cart, and he was taking the short cut through the Priory gardens.
  9. Ten years afterwards—1133—Henry founded the see of Carlisle, and the priory church became the cathedral.
  10. There is no reason for doubting that the various buildings were handed over in good order at the dissolution of the priory.