abbey / ˈæb i /


abbey 的定义

n. 名词 noun

plural ab·beys.

  1. a monastery under the supervision of an abbot or a convent under the supervision of an abbess.
  2. the group of buildings comprising such a monastery or convent.
  3. the church of an abbey.

abbey 近义词

n. 名词 noun

building that houses monks, nuns, or priests; church


  1. The queen is sending Marie—an ungainly girl with large bones, and an illegitimate Plantagenet child to boot—to a far-off and troubled abbey, where Marie will become prioress.
  2. They display art and artifacts long in storage, set in a modern museum high above the Abbey nave.
  3. The Real-Life ‘Downton’ Millionairesses Who Changed BritainBy Tim Teeman Lady Grantham of ‘Downton Abbey’ is far from an anomaly.
  4. When ‘Downton Abbey’ returns Sunday night, its fashion fans are in for a familiar treat.
  5. It is the most animated this Downton Abbey fan has ever seen Lady Grantham.
  6. SURPRISES Downton Abbey You've got to be kidding me with this one.
  7. That's fine and well, until you see that Downton Abbey was nominated again.
  8. Cecilia says they were all talking of it at Maundrell Abbey, where of course it is a peculiarly interesting topic.
  9. Musical festival in Westminster abbey, in commemoration of the birthday of Handel.
  10. Thereupon the Prince went to Westminster Abbey and conferred knighthood upon his companions.
  11. The abbey gate still stands as a massive archway at one end of the river bridge.
  12. The dale gradually opens into a beautiful valley and here the old abbey is charmingly situated on the banks of the river.