sanctuary / ˈsæŋk tʃuˌɛr i /


sanctuary 的定义

n. 名词 noun

plural sanc·tu·ar·ies.

  1. a sacred or holy place.
  2. Judaism. the Biblical tabernacle or the Temple in Jerusalem.the holy of holies of these places of worship.
  3. an especially holy place in a temple or church.
  4. the part of a church around the altar; the chancel.
  5. a church or other sacred place where fugitives were formerly entitled to immunity from arrest.
  6. immunity afforded by refuge in such a place.
  7. any place of refuge; asylum.
  8. a tract of land where birds and wildlife, especially those hunted for sport, can breed and take refuge in safety from hunters.

sanctuary 近义词

n. 名词 noun

church; holiest room or area in religious building

n. 名词 noun

place to hide, be safe

n. 名词 noun

safe place for wildlife


  1. These are basically “smart” tunnels that connect the outside environment with the interior sanctuary of the cells.
  2. Whitney said the organization should be a legitimate sanctuary and not involved in breeding, buying or selling wildlife.
  3. Sponsoring an animal is fun and fulfilling for kids and adults alike, and you can adopt an elephant through the Elephant Valley Project in Cambodia, a sanctuary for the formerly captive giants.
  4. Since the tiger’s vaccinations for rabies are up to date, the sanctuary is hopeful Kimba will not have to be put down.
  5. “This is a continuing effort to raise public awareness of the dangerous sanctuary state laws enacted by the state of California,” Archambeault said.
  6. He hits bottom at Rocamadour, a sanctuary in the Dordogne known as a citadel of faith devoted to Mary.
  7. “Sanctuary for all, community for all, etc, etc.” So he was on the road to community, you know?
  8. As Yellowstone bears increasingly wander outside the sanctuary of the park, they run an ever-greater risk of getting shot.
  9. The sanctuary the phantom callers promise comes with a price.
  10. Excessive tourism could lead to a more rapid destruction of this sanctuary.
  11. They have possessed thy holy people as nothing: our enemies have trodden down thy sanctuary.
  12. And he cast down the pieces of silver into the sanctuary, and departed; and he went away and hanged himself.
  13. Her little library was the sanctuary for all confidential conversation upon matters of state.
  14. This alludes to the figure of the cherubims in the sanctuary, which with stretched out wings covered the ark.-Ibid.
  15. And he brought me back to the way of the gate of the outward sanctuary, which looked towards the east: and it was shut.