hideaway / ˈhaɪd əˌweɪ /


hideaway2 个定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. a place to which a person can retreat for safety, privacy, relaxation, or seclusion; refuge: His hideaway is in the mountains.
  2. hideaway bed.
adj. 形容词 adjective
  1. hidden; concealed; a hideaway compartment for luggage.

hideaway 近义词

n. 名词 noun



  1. Pence and his family had just ducked into a hideaway less than 100 feet from that landing, according to three people familiar with his whereabouts, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation.
  2. Thank goodness it held so that they never breached my hideaway.
  3. It’s pretty badly cracked, and the inside of my hideaway is filled with shattered glass.
  4. When temperatures get warm enough, caterpillars and other insects emerge from their winter hideaways.
  5. Getaway has handcrafted hideaways across the country and offers cozy, minimalist cabins for couples and parties of four.
  6. The music video for “Hideaway,” the debut single by pop artist Kiesza, was the most innovative of the summer.
  7. Once label execs heard “Hideaway,” they began circling it like hawks.
  8. New entryway plans look more Rodeo Drive than staid tropical hideaway.
  9. Giorgio Armani was one of the first guests at their no-phones and no-TVs hideaway.
  10. It was all right to be smart, but to take a stranger to the secret hideaway was another matter.
  11. Five hundred and forty-two men moved by jetter to Colorado Springs; thence, by helicopter, to the canyon hideaway.
  12. For miles around the poor Prof's fenced-in hideaway, cars and trailers parked in a mad senseless jumble.
  13. Once in the cool cover of the forest, Jim turned toward his hideaway.
  14. You were taking them to the hideaway and the hideaway is part mine.