priorate / ˈpraɪ ər ɪt /


priorate 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. the office, rank, or term of office of a prior.
  2. a priory.

priorate 近义词


等同于 cloister


  1. His election to the priorate was the most important event in Dante's public life.
  2. He always refused a priorate (although he could have obtained many, had he wished), and also the office of provincial.
  3. After he became provincial, he left the islands with the priorate of Ibabay for that of Tigbauan.
  4. Soon after the arrival of the said visitor, that priorate falling vacant, he appointed me to it, and for the sake of the vote.
  5. Our father Fray Vicente chose him as his associate, and immediately gave him the priorate of Agonoy.