lamasery / ˈlɑ məˌsɛr i /


lamasery 的定义

n. 名词 noun

plural la·ma·ser·ies.

  1. a monastery of lamas.

lamasery 近义词


等同于 monastery


等同于 cloister


  1. Their astral bodies have departed from them, to be present at the feast of lamps in the holy Lamasery of Rudok in Tibet.
  2. Far below on a yellow hillside hung the Kanjut Lamasery above Rinchengong.
  3. I remembered sitting on a hillside near a lamasery, which was surrounded by a small village of Lamas' houses.
  4. They enter the lamasery when very young, and remain students for many years.
  5. I took this chance to make an offering of five hundred rupees to the Lamasery.