uncontrolled / (ˌʌnkənˈtrəʊld) /


uncontrolled 的定义

adj. 形容词 adjective
  1. not controlled or regulated; uncurbed

uncontrolled 近义词

adj. 形容词 adjective


adj. 形容词 adjective

not controlled


  1. A robust regimen for the public documents coronavirus infections — and, therefore, reinforces that the pandemic continues its uncontrolled burn across the country.
  2. Climate change and mismanagement are fueling large, uncontrolled fires around the world.
  3. Instead of restoring the health of the forests, large, uncontrolled fires often transform them into shrub land, where vegetation grows quickly and severe fires can rapidly return.
  4. My fear is that come the fall, we’re going to have uncontrolled epidemics that explode and overwhelm health systems.
  5. The coronavirus responsible — SARS-CoV-2 — continues to spread fast and in an uncontrolled way.
  6. It also tolerated an uncontrolled traffic of men and weapons across the long border.
  7. So, the trend of uncontrolled, dangerous alcohol consumption is likely to continue.
  8. The IMF and World Bank had periodically shared their fears with New Delhi about the uncontrolled rise in population levels.
  9. Calling Jim Manzi, author of the new book about the need for public-policy testing, Uncontrolled!
  10. Uncontrolled offers useful advice for navigating a hard-to-know world.
  11. In many cases a lack of restraint, bad education, uncontrolled passion, are a marked influence in fixing the neurasthenic habit.
  12. Gertrude's brain, which had been passive to the situation, now worked with uncontrolled activity.
  13. Individual competition, in uncontrolled energy, reigned supreme amid almost incredible suffering and squalor.
  14. Admit this doctrine, and you give to the States an uncontrolled right to decide, and every law may be annulled under this pretext.
  15. The waters that men taught to make the land fruitful have been only its destruction when they were left uncontrolled.