unchecked / (ʌnˈtʃɛkt) /


unchecked2 个定义

adj. 形容词 adjective
  1. not prevented from continuing or growingunchecked population growth
  2. not examined or inspected
adv. 副词 adverb
  1. without being stopped or hinderedthe virus could spread unchecked
  2. without being examined or inspectedour luggage passed unchecked through customs

unchecked 近义词

adj. 形容词 adjective



  1. Vidigal and the other slums of Brazil—known as favelas—are testaments to years of government neglect and unchecked urbanism.
  2. Gove has accepted that his department must face questions over the way these teachings were allegedly allowed to grow unchecked.
  3. City and state veterans commissions allowed conditions at the Phoenix VA to go unchecked.
  4. Lopez may prove to be most similar to Alexis of the three, someone whose escalating mental health issues went unchecked.
  5. One suggested explanation, has been the surge of unchecked disinformation available online.
  6. Its sonorous and regular peal proceeded, however, unchecked, and the clerical clangor was renewed with redoubled fury.
  7. Commercial dealings took the most questionable forms: adulteration of products went on unchecked by any qualms of honesty.
  8. Remedies for these are frequently not discovered, and the epidemic is allowed to run its course unchecked.
  9. Virtually unchecked, the mob sacked chapels and houses, plundered shops, and burnt Savile's furniture before his door.
  10. They had reached the pass at last, and the unchecked sunlight was streaming down with a blinding glare.