wild / waɪld /


wild4 个定义

adj. 形容词 adjective

wild·er, wild·est.

  1. living in a state of nature; not tamed or domesticated: a wild animal; wild geese.
  2. growing or produced without cultivation or the care of humans, as plants, flowers, fruit, or honey: wild cherries.
  3. uncultivated, uninhabited, or waste: wild country.
adv. 副词 adverb
  1. in a wild manner; wildly.
n. 名词 noun
  1. Often wilds . an uncultivated, uninhabited, or desolate region or tract; waste; wilderness; desert: a cabin in the wild; a safari to the wilds of Africa.
v. 有主动词 verb

wild·ed, wild·ing.

  1. to travel around as a group, attacking or assaulting in a random and violent way: The man was wilded and left for dead.

wild 近义词

adj. 形容词 adjective


adj. 形容词 adjective

disorderly, rowdy

adj. 形容词 adjective

intense, stormy


  • wild about, be
  • wild card
  • wild goose chase
  • wild horses couldn't drag me
  • wild oats
  • wild pitch
  • go hog wild
  • go wilding
  • run amok (wild)
  • sow one's wild oats


  1. Still, in an ozone-polluted environment in the wild, tobacco hawkmoths would have to be close enough to a tobacco flower to see it to learn its altered scent, and Knaden isn’t sure how often that will occur.
  2. The machine learning adds just enough of a wild card on top of the scripted tracks to give each user a unique mix.
  3. That’s a wild claim until you consider that the series’ spin-off has been attracting more viewers than would-be franchise contenders like “Real Housewives” and “Below Deck.”
  4. When people put eggs in the wild, there’s no antibiotic, so daughters die.
  5. Tesla, the pioneer of the category, has experienced wild stock growth over the past 12 months, culminating in the expectation that it will join the S&P 500.
  6. He has wild swings between trying not to care about Lana and the baby, and being completely obsessed by it.
  7. The sound of birds, quail, even doe, make a wild grid of noise.
  8. Exactly when the transition to modern domestic creature took place, for a bird that is wild to this day, is controversial.
  9. It is wild that something that would seem to be so scandalous would just disappear from the press.
  10. Everyone who saw Beasts of the Southern Wild knows Wallis is a unique talent, but still, no one saw this coming.
  11. They are so rich in harmony, so weird, so wild, that when you hear them you are like a sea-weed cast upon the bosom of the ocean.
  12. The white men served their smoking cannon with a wild energy that, for a time, made the gallant nine equal to a thousand.
  13. A cricket-match was in progress, but the bowling and batting were extremely wild, thanks to The Warren strong beer.
  14. People are busy ballooning or driving; shooting like stars along railroads; or migrating like swallows or wild-geese.
  15. Suddenly he shot a disturbing glance at Tressan's face, and the corner of his wild-cat mustachios twitched.