rampant / ˈræm pənt /


rampant 的定义

adj. 形容词 adjective
  1. violent in action or spirit; raging; furious: a rampant leopard.
  2. growing luxuriantly, as weeds.
  3. in full sway; prevailing or unchecked: a rampant rumor.
  4. standing on the hind legs; ramping.
  5. Heraldry. represented in profile facing the dexter side, with the body upraised and resting on the left hind leg, the tail and other legs elevated, the right foreleg highest, and the head in profile unless otherwise specified: a lion rampant.
  6. Architecture. springing at one side from one level of support and resting at the other on a higher level.

rampant 近义词

adj. 形容词 adjective

uncontrolled, out of hand


  1. Mail-in ballots — and elections generally — are subject to rampant fraud.
  2. Over the past week, young Nigerians have ramped up widespread protests—online and offline—against rampant brutality by local police.
  3. It spoke to the fact that there’s a ton of rampant speculation right now bordering on conspiracy theorizing, when the truth is that we don’t really know much.
  4. Various Prospect facilities in California have had bedbugs in patient rooms, rampant water leaks from the ceilings and what one hospital manager acknowledged to a state inspector “looks like feces” on the wall.
  5. Misinformation about voting, the election, and both candidates for the presidency is already rampant on Facebook and every other media platform, and it's being spread by actors both foreign and domestic.
  6. With prescription drug abuse rampant in the U.S., New York is taking steps to stop it.
  7. They want to take control of New York City schools away from Mayor Bill de Blasio and let privatization run rampant.
  8. How this will all shake out is a topic of rampant speculation.
  9. When Booker assumed office, his half-a-million constituents were grappling with high unemployment and rampant poverty.
  10. With under-reporting rampant, the real numbers are probably much higher.
  11. And a rampant ache in my head, seconded by a medium-sized gash in the scalp, didn't make for an access of optimism at that moment.
  12. The tumult and license which usually characterise a general election were more than ordinarily rampant and intolerant.
  13. It is however but a cheap substitute for authority, and belongs of right to a rampant jingoism of a past age.
  14. "Tommy Atkins" was the rage for the moment, and what may be called "Absent-minded Beggarism" was rampant.
  15. There is no evidence before the Government that a widespread conspiracy is rampant in the West of Ireland.