unbridled / ʌnˈbraɪd ld /


unbridled 的定义

adj. 形容词 adjective
  1. not controlled or restrained: unbridled enthusiasm.
  2. not fitted with a bridle.

unbridled 近义词

adj. 形容词 adjective



  1. In the coming years, we will build on the insights gained during remote learning and the unbridled creativity of our faculty.
  2. Here We Go Again at least makes up for cheesy material with an unbridled, unabashed spirit and confidence in tone.
  3. He was driven to an unhealthy level and it was evident that all of his decision-making — personal and professional — was oriented towards his unbridled ambition.
  4. In her unbridled enthusiasm over the prospect of her New York month, she’d bought new clothes.
  5. It is the unbridled idealism and hope embedded in the goals of the Peace Corps — to promote better understanding on the part of Americans and people across the world — that are urgently needed today.
  6. Unbridled nationalism is a menace; it leads to trade wars and, all too often, real wars.
  7. New studies show that unbridled hateful speech can cause emotional harm.
  8. The more the wine interacted with air, the wilder and more unbridled it turned.
  9. The fear of unbridled ambition is nothing new in American politics.
  10. There was an unbridled joy—a glee—that was associated with watching Glee each week.
  11. Their generosity did not suffice for his dissipations, his cafe bills and his unbridled taste for billiards.
  12. In a word, in all countries we perceive that the ministers of religion have exercised in all ages the most unbridled license.
  13. The unbridled dominion of the passions disturbs the peace of the individual and the harmony of society.
  14. The unbridled dominion of the passions disturbs the peace of the individual, and the harmony of society.
  15. He was an obscure youth of seventeen, with ambition already unbridled, when the eyes of my Lady Castlemaine first fell upon him.