feelings 的定义

  1. see hard feelings; mixed feelings; no hard feelings; run high,; sinking feeling.

feelings 近义词

n. 名词 noun

sensation, especially of touch

n. 名词 noun

idea, impression

n. 名词 noun

a state of mind, often strong

n. 名词 noun



  1. We have to share those feelings of concern that the people are feeling.
  2. Being the first to declare feelings is incredibly difficult.
  3. The shared feelings, the bubbling emotion, the awe: she became an experience.
  4. You expect soldiers of all ranks to understand the need to respect the chain of command, regardless of personal feelings.
  5. These (roughly) $2,500 ceremonies are supposedly about encouraging “positive feelings” on the part of the single brides.
  6. The bridesmaids relieved their feelings by many salutes and much tittering.
  7. This demand was made with scornful seriousness; with a ruthless application to the feelings of a son.
  8. It was a reproof, from the young woman who always so thoughtfully studied the feelings of everybody.
  9. Words fail to describe my feelings as I watched the clothes come off him and dry ones go on just as if hands were arranging them.
  10. It was the land of his forefathers; and with what views, with what feelings, was he first to set his foot upon its shores!