tenderness [ tĕndər-nĭs ]


tenderness 的定义

n. 名词 noun

    tenderness 近义词

    n. 名词 noun


    n. 名词 noun



    1. Nevertheless, they love each other with a tenderness that drives them to despair over their 31 years of marriage.
    2. More than anything else, teenagers seemed to swoon over tenderness and vulnerability that the Beatles expressed in their songs.
    3. Their interlocked fingers are an expression of fear, not tenderness.
    4. His music bled menace and lust, but also tenderness and vulnerability and an overpowering romantic lyricism.
    5. The duo performs the classic “Try a Little Tenderness” at a depressing hotel bar.
    6. Uncle Harry took him for walks and consoled him with rough tenderness, never calling him Black Sheep.
    7. Her smile was strangely distant, strangely precious: she was love and tenderness incarnate; her little hands held both of his.
    8. There was a caressing tenderness in her voice as she said it, but whether for himself or for another he could not tell.
    9. Yet will not the heart be bereaved of its vision; it still sees a smile of tenderness in the universe.
    10. For she called him 'Tommy'; she was his mother; love, tenderness, and pity emanated from her like a cloud of perfume.